Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our 100 Liter Duffel Bag by REI and the Osprey Transporter BSA Jamboree Edition

Update:  May 23, 2013 I actually packed the bag with all I want to take and it is HUGE (see here).

Republished and upgraded (from July 2012):  For those that asked to see our 100L duffel bags.  Here is the link to REI Cargo Adventure Duffel. (That link is no longer at REI, here is a close substitute at REI)  It is huge and also convenient. Best parts: large expandable side pockets and the backpack straps zippered away on the bottom. Somewhat awkward to carry on your back, but so much easier than lugging it at your side. Highly recommended for car camping and regular travel.  We took these to the Summit Shakedown since they require one duffel and one day pack for each participant.  Additional great feature is our Lafuma chairs (see our review)fit inside since they are only 29" long.  The National Jamboree will provide a duffel to all participants.

Update:  While the REI is our personal duffel, the National Jamboree will provide one made by Osprey (see a picture of the 115L duffel here).

From, Photos by W. Garth Dowling/BSA
Second Update: On February 7, 2013 Byran at Scouting Mag posted a link to the actual Osprey Transporter BSA 115 liter duffel. And here it is ... (size corrected -- see response from Bryan below)

From the blog: "The bag measures 27 by 18 by 12 inches (length, width, and depth). The capacity is 5,797 cubic inches, or 95 liters. There are three compartments: the main pocket, one at the top that also holds the backpack straps, and another on the flap of the main pocket."  [Response from   Bryan
Good news — I measured wrong! Bigger is better, and these are definitely 115-liter bags. Thanks for pointing that out, Steve.]  Yeah!  [But Chris on the same site posts a link to something that looks the same.  (Osprey Transport 95).  So time will tell.

We will have more comments when ours arrive. The first comment is our 29" chairs will no longer fit inside.  I know leaders can take a chair to the Jamboree now, so that is not a real problem, but a disappointment all the same. Still two more packs to hang in the closet with care

S&K Troop B326 and Crew F610

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