Sunday, June 10, 2012

First entry and about us

Babcock State Park, WV, picture of
Kimberly Myers by Steven Myers
Hi! This is a first posting on our blog.  We have decided to try this for the fun of it and to share some of the fun we have had getting involved in the outdoors in a big way.  We are an older couple and as such are not here to impress the youth (except for our wisdom) and neither are we "die hards" or fanatics of camping and backpacking, but we have fun and that is what we hope to express in this blog.  Much of our outdoor fun is in scouting, but this is not to be a scouting only blog, since we also enjoy getting out on the trail or to a campsite on our own.  If you follow from time to time, we hope you enjoy.

Steve and Kimberly Myers


This blog is our own personal reflections and opinions and recommendations and have nothing to do with any organizations we serve nor should anything said here be construed as an official statement on behalf of any organization. The reference to scouting together is because of our love of the movement in which we volunteer much of our time.

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