Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lafuma Micro Popup chair

Super comfy Lafuma Micro Popup chair
Worth every dollar.  This little chair fits in the duffel and on the side of a day pack  and is ultimately comfortable.

 2013 Update:  Still love the lafuma chairs, but there is a new winner for our pack backs.   See our new blog entry on the BSA UL chair.

2012 Update:  Having these at the 2012 Summit Shakedown @bechtelsummit made a world of difference. Light enough at 2.5 pounds to carry strapped to the day pack or to a meeting where standing or hard chairs are available.  We got tons of complements and "where did you get those" questions.  The answer is at, however we have a direct link to Amazon which sells them as well.  (Steve has decided that if it ever breaks he is ordering another that very moment.) They seem very strong and sturdy.  The chair is surprisingly easy to get up from compared to the pad type on-the-ground chairs.  Putting boots on and changing socks from this chair is a breeze.

See more pictures after the jump including an update.

Lafuma Micro Popup chair

Update:  Steve's chair tore at the upper support and yes was replaced free by REI.  Nothing beats the guarantee at REI.  Even after the tear, we still recommend this chair.  Here is the REI link to the chair.  They replace free and the description is much better than on the Amazon site.
Sitting comfy at the Contingent Leaders meeting

More comfy than standing r those hard wooden chairs

And they make good day pack holders as well


  1. Steve,
    Thanks for sharing your blog address at the Manatoc leader's breakfast. Very nicely done.
    A fellow scouter

  2. "fits in the duffel and on the side of a day pack..." ---I want one! I can practically bring this comfy item anywhere.