Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Osprey Transporter BSA 115 Duffel bag is HUGE!

All Packed for the 2013 National Jamboree (sort of)

Everything I want to take (sort of)
Tonight we wanted to show some Venturers going to the jamboree what we are taking to the 2013 National Jamboree to some friends.  You see in the picture the Osprey Transporter BSA  115 (reviewed or presented in our blog here) and the REI Flash 22 (reviewed here).

Let me say this clearly.  There should be no problem with anyone getting everything they need for 2 weeks in this bag.

Osprey after the two large pillows and
the REI Flash 18 (black) were removed
Looking into the pack. Everything except clothes
and electronics and the two stuff sacks you see
are Kimberly's Sleeping Bag and Pad and will not
make the trip with me. This bag is huge.

Everything I (Steve) intend to take is currently in one of these two bags (sort of).  OK, to be honest, the idea was to gather all of the non-clothing items I want to take to the Jamboree and to see how much room I had left over for clothing.  So everything that isn't clothing (and isn't electronic) that I currently intend to take to the 2013 National Jamboree is in one of the two bags that you see. 

So if there is no clothing in the transporter why is it so full? What is in the bag that counts as clothing (wearable stuff) is my rain gear, two pairs of shoes (my Merrill's and my Keen Newport H2s), a large fleece that takes up too much room, swim gear, and a few misc. things.  OK, again, if there is no other clothing such as uniform, t shirts, underwear, socks, why is it so full?  There was room for both of my large bed pillows and Kimberly's Big Agnes sleeping bag and Sleeping Pad.  Oh and I threw in the REI flash 18 in case I want a even lighter day pack.  The Flash 22 you see has 1.8 L of water in the platypus Big Zip SL and two Camelbak bottles on the side, a coffee mug and a Stanley Drip Proof Coffee Mug all inside.  In the brain are my glasses, sun glasses, headlamp notebook, pen, and Benchmade Mini Griptillian knife.

As I update this posting I will detail what is in the duffel and provide links where I can.

See you at the Jamboree
Steve Myers (SM Troop B326)


  1. Very Cool. Are we allowed to take a seperate daypack too? I though we had to fit everything except the clothes on our backs into the duffle bag.

  2. Yes you are able to take both your duffel and a day pack. You will need a day pack every day to carry your rain gear, water, lunch and your other essentials you will need while doing your jamboree adventure away from your campsite. See as well.