Thursday, August 13, 2015

Want to solve a membership problem in Venturing?

The Pocket Crew, a feeder troop into Our Venturing Crew. 

Boy Scouts have feeder packs full of cub scouts, Crews sometimes have a strong link to their troop and have a ready supply of boys, but since Venturing is for young men and young women, where is the feeder group for the Venturers. Let us reintroduce the Frontier Girls, formed under our BSA Chartered Organization
A few years ago we wrote a piece on our Girl's Frontier Girls Troop and how our Venturing Crew supported them: Young Girls - Future Venturers.

This Spring two of our girls have crossed over to the Crew. Shown is one of the two girls being inducted by the Crew President as they raise their hands in the scout sign and repeat the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.

So be creative and  find something that works for your Crew, but more importantly find something that works for the younger girls in your area of influence.

Boys Girls
Cub Scout Aged Youth yes ?
Boy Scout Aged Youth yes ?
Venturing Aged Youth yes yes