Friday, October 19, 2012

Scouting underground

Laurel Highlands in Autumn
2010 before the dirt...
Well we are off to Laurel Caverns in PA today four our almost always annual visit to do some spelunking. We will be staying at the Heritage Scout Reservation, but will spend most of Saturday at the caverns.  The leaves should be beautiful for our passion for photography and the youth are guaranteed to come out dirty and happy.  Those in the lower cave will be the dirtiest and possibly the happiest.  Check out their website for all of the adventures Laurel Caverns offer scouting. 

And for us, a highlight will be to have the troop and crew visit REI at Settlers Ridge.

Caving has an important place in scouting and we have a responsibility to care for the environment of these fragile places.  The BSA Field book has a great chapter on it (and it's free). Also at there is a great page on BSA and Caving.  Linked there is the Guide to Safe Scouting and policies about caving that any leader should be familiar with.  In particular all should know about the tragedy called white-nose syndrome and what the BSA's responsibility is to help not be part of the problem.

Will it be like 2008 or 2010?
Well scouts know how to stay warm ... 2010

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