Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 National Jamboree App Available

"Download version 1.0 of the Jamboree app on Android; coming soon to Apple

"They say this summer’s National Jamboree will be the most-connected ever. Well, this is a great start. Version 1.0 of the Jamboree Summit App is available on Android devices. The app clocks in at just over 10 MB and costs $0.99 in the Google Play store. The iOS version for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch should be available later this week."

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Initial Review

Well it will not let me sign in, but it has identified me as the scoutmaster and  shows the names of all of the members of my troop.  There is a section to add friends, so I can keep track of Mrs. ScoutingCouple.   Links to activities, daily schedule and times that areas are open readily appear.  The map appears not to load for me yet, but under "more" you can sign-in (I couldn't), and find links to their Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Flickr and blog sites.

My first impression is very favorable.
Steve Myers

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