Friday, May 23, 2014

New Venturing Awards - what might they look like?.

Update: Bryan on scouting just posted on these awards at
Comments due May 28...

By now most everyone knows that Venturing has introduced four new awards to take the place of the Bronze, Gold, and Silver recognitions. The new awards are named Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder and Summit. Here at the BSA National Annual Meeting, the folks at the Venturing booth were asking for feedback on some prototype awards on Thursday May 22 which I picture below.  I emphasize that these are concepts and that they have indicated that no decisions have yet been made and the awards might look completely different. For our "voting" we had three sets of patches A, B, and C and four medals to choose from. The patches were in three segments representing Venturing, Discovery and Pathfinder.  The summit award then would be a medal. 

If a medal was chosen for all four levels were chosen, they might look like the once in the picture below.

As to the voting, many expressed the desire to see more of a medal on a ribbon, especially for the Summit award.  We expressed our desire that the Summit be similar to the Silver and Eagle in that it would be a pendant on a ribbon on a bar that had the same type of clasps that the current Eagle medal has. The folks working the booth said that many had indicated something very similar and that they were certainly going to use our opinions. That is, the decision is certainly not made. Send in your comments to this week only as a decision will be made "within 7 days."

they are under a lot of pressure to get the awards approved since this is the primary decision holding up the release of the 

  • Handbook for Venturers

  • Venturing Advisor Guidebook, and the 

  • Venturing Awards and Requirements Book
Official announcements are included in links on our Central Region Area 4 site.

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