Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Small System

My small system
Next summer we are heading to the National Jamboree in Mount Hope WV and will spend a few days sleeping on the floor of a church as 90 youth and adults tour southern WV before we enter the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

Sleeping on the floor isn't the greatest idea, but I intend to be comfortable.  Kimberly has a similar system and may share hers with you in a later post.  (Update: she does here)

If issue 1 is sleeping on the floor, a second issue is the national jamboree requires us to bring all we need for two weeks in a 100L duffel bag so space is somewhat a premium.  This is my small and comfortable system as pictured here (that apple is just for scale, and it is a fairly small one at that.)

 Sleeping Bag

The MontBell UL Super spiral down hugger #5 is absolutely one of the most comfortable bags I have ever slept in. Only rated to 40 degrees, it is a truly summer weight bag, but a liner could extend that (so I am told).  I usually do not like the confining nature of a mummy, but the stretch stitching done in a spiral is brilliant.

Sleeping Pad

For softness underneath me, so far nothing beats the REI Stratus Insulated Air Pad.  This 20 oz. pad is super comfy and sleeping on a hard floor or just camping on the ground is my year round choice.  And it is tiny compared to other air mattresses and closed cell foam pads offering more comfort and a size not to fill up a backpack or Jamboree duffel bag.

Exped Air Pillow M

And a Pillow

Finally, a real splurge.  The Exped Air pillow is truly remarkable find.  for a side sleeper this is a joy.  I always hated the bundling up of clothes in a stuff sack approach to making a pillow.  This is a joy.  In fact even though it is extremely small and light, I can roll it up in the stratus and do away with it as a separate thing to fish out of the bag. 

So whether trying to go light for the jamboree, for backpacking or just for car camping.  This is a trio worth looking into.  Oh, and the total weight is 2 lbs 7.5 oz.

Update (6/26/2012): Slept with my small system on a concrete floor at the Marine Reserve Classroom building at Anocostia/Bolling Joint Base and was comfy!!!

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