Tuesday, July 10, 2012

UltraLight Backpacking for Scouts

Mike Dubrall (miked@50miller.com) brings us a good read on scouts getting into ultralight backpacking.  (HT http://www.scoutingnews.org/2012/07/10/ultralight-backpacking-for-scouts/).  He says "The only way to significant lower your pack weight is to replace your backpack, tent/shelter, and sleeping system – often called the “Big Three of Backpacking” and pay the price at the cash register."

I will never get my pack weight down to 15 pounds, but he is right that significant changes can be made in the sleeping system, pack and tent.  Elsewhere, we have reviewed our Big Agnes tent (4.6 lbs), our small sleeping systems (mine is 2.47 pounds) sleeping bag, pad and pillow, Kimberly's is 3.4 pounds), and my pack is an REI flash pack (REI link) (3 pounds) and Kimberly's Gregory Jade (REI link) is 3.97 for a total of 7.7 lbs for me and 9.7 for Kimberly -- that is tent, sleeping system and pack.  Not so bad for a couple of aging scouters.

Here is Mike Dubrall's chart from his blog for your comparison.  Where does your stuff fall?
Source:  50miller.com

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  1. I agree that you need to pay attention to the big three, but I disagree that it is more expensive. Try and find gear that is simple, light, and Thrifty. My tent is 1/3 the price and 1/3 the weight of that Big Agnes tent, and I've been in some pretty rough weather with it.


    You can get under 15 pounds. My base weight is 14.25, which allows me to bring a book, a chair, and a big camera and stay under 20.

    I guess it is time for me to post about my big three. I did post an overall report on my gear a few years ago, but I pack lighter now.