Sunday, November 11, 2012

Benchmade Mini-Griptillian EDC Knife (and it's pink)

Awesome find for us.

The @scoutingcouple went to the Medina County OH Gun Show yesterday and were overwhelmed at the choices including seeing the knife we have both lusted for, the Benchmade Mini-Griptillian.  This knife is a pleasure to hold in both Kimberly's small hands and Steve's larger ones.  It has an assisted opening action that is amazingly smooth and very easy.  Kimberly loved the feeling of it and feels it is perfect for the small hand.  The tip is tucked in nicely and the blade is firmly seated when closed and there is no fear it will come open in the pocket or as clipped which has happened with other blades Kimberly has owned. 

The picture included here is from the Benchmade website and you may click on it to go directly to their site.  If you want to see the choices available click here for Amazon's listings for the Mini-Griptillian or go to the product page at  This pink version supports breast cancer research and is a great match for Kimberly's collection of pink outdoor gear.

This 2.56 oz knife is a great EDC and we believe might be a great all purpose knife for the go-bag and for backpacking.
Update:  You can customize yours, we did.  

A couple of video reviews after the jump.

Benchmade Mini-Griptillian EDC Knife

How many ways can you imagine opening your mini-griptillian?

This review from Nutnfancy is from 4 years ago, but is still useful, but he has to stop saying "lot of guys" since girls like this stuff too.
And how about a comparison with the mini's big sibling the griptillian. Finally, Bryan on Scouting and Scouting magazine weigh's in on Knives and about unit policies and has a great link to different state's laws ... very useful read ...

Enjoy. @scoutingcouple

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