Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Customize Your Griptillian -- And We Both Did

Updated with pictures of both of our knives.

A very few weeks ago we reported reported on our trip to the Medina Gun Show where we held and fondled for the first time a Benchmade Mini-Griptillian EDC knife.  Steve ordered one that evening for Kimberly (in Pink of course) at "Customize Your Griptillian" on the Benchmade website.  All along he had hoped to give it to her for Christmas, but when it came he had to give it right away and see her reaction.  She was thrilled with the plain edged sheepsfoot/thumb hole blade with the pink handle.  Turns out Kimberly was looking for an orange one for Steve and had not found what she knew he wanted. When pointed to the Customize You Griptillian website she placed a custom order for Steve.  And now it is here and Steve's turn to be thrilled! It is a thing of beauty and balance.  It is exceedingly sharp and fun to open and close.  It cut through some reinforced cardboard boxes like a "hot knife through butter."  Clearly the finest knives we have ever owned.  Steve's knife is a drop point thumb stud plain edged blade in 154CM steel. We were both able to designate the color of the screws, that axis and the liner, as well as choose the type of clip.

And the best part, if we misplace or lose it, the words on the blade can have it speeding back to us.  When we ordered it we had to designate a warranty service center and our own excellent outfitter here in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Appalachian Outfitters came up and we selected it.  They have Benchmade knives.  Go take a look.  Tell them we sent you.

Here is our customized mini-griptillian EDC (everyday carry) knives by Benchmade.

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